Pool Maintenance

Make your pool last longer and perform better with our professional pool weekly maintenance services! We’ll keep it nice and clean while also performing any maintenance your pool machinery needs to run perfectly. Enjoy the warm weather and get full use of your pool with NorCal Pools. Get in touch now to schedule pool maintenance!

Chemical Only Pool Services -  Starting at $125 a month

includes testing and balancing water chemistry; adding Chlorine, Muriatic Acid, Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium, and Cyanuric Acid; emptying your pump baskets, skimmer, and pool sweep; checking equipment for functionality and making seasonal changes to timers; turning on solar and prime lines in spring (Mar) as well as turn off and purge lines in fall (Oct).

Full Pool Services - Starting at $145 per month

includes Chemical Only Pool services in addition we brush walls, steps, swim-outs, and net surface debris.

****Prices are for average pools up to 25k gal. Prices may vary due to chemical demand or excessive debris in pool. Additional chemicals may need to be purchased to treat pools such as PoolRx and salt.

SPA Maintenance

SPA services include mineral treatments, enzyme treatments, and all chemicals needed to sanitize the spa water.

Pool with detached SPA - $25 a month

If you have pool service we are offering a discounted rate to add your spa to your service package for an additional $25 per month.

Stand-alone Spa Services - $89 per month (for any spa up to an 8 seats).

Do you need a SPA Purge?

We recommend spa purges if you purchased your stand-alone spa used or every year as part of the regular mainteance.  Spa Purges disinfects and removes bodily organic waste that naturally builds up over time. The Spa Purge clears all lines, pipes, and heater core of algae as well as other various bio-debris. We drain the spa, wash the filters, wipe down the interior, rinse, fill with clean water, and balance the chemicals. Prices start at $360 – Spa Purges are recommended every 3-5 years depending on the water source and usage.

Vacuum & Filter Cleaning Services

Vacuum Services - $10 to $15 per visit

Vacuum service can be added to your weekly pool services.  (Pools with excessive debris in them may be charged more).  We use a truck mounted vacuum which quickly picks up debris from the pool floor – even items as small as a dime. This powerful and precise cleaner is independent of your pool equipment, meaning it will not clog up your filters adding extra pressure to your system.  Using your filters to vacuum the pool can cause premature wear on your filters and require more frequent filter cleanings.

Filter Cleaning Services - $100 Paper filters up to 425 sq per visit  

Contact us for a free estimate for Sand and DE filters.  Filters at a minimum should be cleaned twice a year (in the spring and fall). 

Other Services

The list below does not include all our services and repairs that we can do for you pool!

Please us anytime we will be happy to give you a free quote.

• Pool/Spa Light Replacement
• Motor Repair or Install

• Motor Repair or Install

• Variable Speed Pump Repair or Install 
• Evaluations for a buyer or seller when a home is sold with a pool and/or spa. 

• Green-to-Clean which can include draining the pool

• Chlorine and Acid Wash 
• Algae Treatment
• Heater Repair or Install

• Heat Pump Repair or Install 
• Leak Repair